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Nakumatt Holdings  - May 29, 2018
Nakuru! Look no further for fresh fruits and vegetables we've got you covered at Nakumatt. https://t.co/YL3gYFWdMu
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Basco Paints  - May 29, 2018
Are you longing for some amazing prizes? Then get on our #ZawadikaNaMarangiTena promotion and win big time. https://t.co/caCp3KvUNV
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At least 60,000 refugees in Kigeme, Gihembe and Nyabiheke refugee camps will benefit from a Rwf10 billion 3-year project to provide affordable and sustainable sources of renewable energy, officials have announced.

https://t.co/fpXDmruq9k https://t.co/kO7jkPfYxy
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SHOCK: A speaking four-month-old baby in Bungoma; why villagers now call him jini https://t.co/KBnm7QTy7V https://t.co/zO0AgCAJG1
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The New Vision  - May 21, 2018
Medical workers to earn bigger salaries #VisionUpdates

In addition to the salary increment, the Ministry of Health will offer scholarships to medical workers https://t.co/ki99gSasjQ https://t.co/fjN2oYFBmM
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KCB Bank Group  - May 21, 2018
Fellas when applying for loans vs when they fail to pay their loans on time.

Avoid this pitfall  What is a CRB though? https://t.co/nIrRs1mEog https://t.co/35BuYJ6SVu
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Senator Mutula Kilonzo wants NYS to be disbanded for failing this country https://t.co/2npe8rARJA https://t.co/AvNaWcYi9z
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Britam  - May 21, 2018
Good morning. Join our live coverage as we offically admit @AfricInvest_Grp as a @BritamEA shareholder. https://t.co/h00fncDqsL
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DRAMA as DP Ruto snubs mother of two who disrupted his speech in Eldama Ravine https://t.co/nBxebJmwnA https://t.co/TVfZJKiFRC
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ITV Tanzania  - May 21, 2018
#Habari:Mfadhili kutoka nchini Ujerumani Dkt.Ansgar Stüfe amesikitishwa na Zahanati tatu alizozijenga katika vijiji vya Litisha,Mdundualo na Lugagara wilayani Songea ili kuwasaidia wananchi kufungwa kwa kukosa wahudumu huku moja katika kijiji cha Mdundualo ikigeuzwa kuwa duka. https://t.co/kyQ1urBp8D
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