APA Insurance

APA Insurance

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Apollo Centre,
7 Ring Road Parklands, Westlands,
P O Box 30065,
Nairobi, Kenya, 00100
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+254 20 286 2000
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APA Insurance  - May 7, 2018
Just how Rome wasn't built in a day, your financial growth can't be a one-time affair. Invest right and regularly with a long-term plan to get greater returns! Imarika helps you plan and save for your future needs. Get it here: https://t.co/2qdRmk4hDs https://t.co/rZcTSRS0Bw

APA Insurance  - April 27, 2018
Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not- Valerie Bertinelli https://t.co/nFTzOSFQD7

APA Insurance  - April 24, 2018
Are you looking for a challenging yet rewarding Senior Business Developer role? Do you thrive in building and maintaining strong customer relationships? If your answer is yes, you might have what it takes to be the next Senior Business Developer. #IkoKaziKe https://t.co/md8IXKLgBP

APA Insurance  - May 12, 2017
The APA Family is looking for individuals to join our Team. Want to join us? Apply for the vacancies here http://bit.ly/2qNCRX0

APA Insurance  - January 20, 2017
We will have you singing when you realize you can pay your car insurance in monthly installments. Find out more here http://bit.ly/2gACUAo

APA Insurance  - November 29, 2016
Whether a fender bender or a more serious accident, stop the car, turn off the engine, and turn on your hazards. http://bit.ly/2gACUAo

APA Insurance  - September 8, 2016
Remember when our Group CEO Ashok was a finalist for philanthropist of the year. Did it to do with the chapos? #TBT

APA Insurance  - August 21, 2016
If you work 9-5, you probably spend most of your weekdays indoors. Make time to bond with nature this #SundayFunDay

APA Insurance  - August 16, 2016
So you have finally set your mind on exercise. Adequate preparation will help you get the most out of my workout

APA Insurance  - August 10, 2016
Like everywhere else, communication on the road is very important. Always make use of your lights #DrivingTips

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