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Daily Monitor  - July 7, 2018
One of his texts that provoked my fears read: I love you so much and want to protect you. My love is for you alone and since there is no one taking care of you, I will do it. I have realised that you are in deep trouble https://t.co/3OVcPWZWT0
#MonitorUpdates https://t.co/pX4TDBb2uA

Daily Monitor  - May 16, 2018
Former NSSf MD David Chandi Jamwa has been granted bail by the Supreme court #MonitorUpdates https://t.co/2YNrQi644x

Daily Monitor  - April 24, 2018
Jinja road around Kyambogo area, after the morning down pour #MonitorUpdates
PHOTOS BY Samuel Ssebuliba https://t.co/RrqttWBHkJ

Daily Monitor  - March 31, 2018
Divisions, intrigue eat up NRM party. Namuganza explains root of fights with Kadaga. For details of these and more interesting stories, please grab yourself a copy of the Daily Monitor or click http://bit.ly/2vhAKfq to access e-paper

Daily Monitor  - December 14, 2017
Most parts of the country have been left in darkness following power outage. However, electricity distributor, Umeme says they are restoring power in a phased manner.
"Parts of Kampala are back on," reads part of the stark by Ilene.
How is it where you are? https://t.co/Vt03JC33NS

Daily Monitor  - February 23, 2017
Minister attributes delayed veterans’ pension to dormant accounts http://bit.ly/2ly5Wkp

Daily Monitor  - August 18, 2016
He strangled her, she didn't die, he stabbed her 10 times- no success, he buried her alive.

Daily Monitor  - July 13, 2016
Farming is her side job for that extra buck #SeedsOfGold https://t.co/rbUWXLonPx

Daily Monitor  - June 29, 2016
The body of ex minister Kibedi arrives at Entebbe Int'l Airport. Photos by Joseph Kiggundu

Daily Monitor  - May 31, 2016
Museveni: The country is peaceful and will remain so. The infrastructures are in place and being worked on #SOTNUg16

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