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KCB Bank Group  - December 14, 2017
MD wa @kcbbanktz Bw. Cosmas Kimario (kushoto) akipokea tuzo ya uwasilishaji bora wa taarifa za fedha kutoka kwa Mhasibu mkuu wa serikali Bw. Francsis Mwakapalila. Tumetwaa tuzo hiyo inayoratibiwa na NBAA kwa mwaka wa pili mfululizo ikiwa nafasi ya pili kwa benki za kati. https://t.co/VWZRuPlrni

KCB Bank Group  - December 14, 2017
The Hydroponic Farming training which was taking place at Miramar
International College (MIC) in Kikuyu, is a soil-less farming method, and a
subset of hydroculture, where plants are grown using only a mineral
nutrient solution in a water solvent. #KCB2Jiajiri https://t.co/4d4MQeisaR

KCB Bank Group  - November 20, 2017
Halafu kuna wale wanakujanga kwa page yetu kuona posts zetu na ile account wakonayo ni Twitter account pekee.

Fungueni hata kama ni M-Benki account jamani= https://t.co/uMcLij1fyP https://t.co/pRBBEwAyYZ

KCB Bank Group  - October 1, 2016
The @CBKKenya Deputy Governor Sheila M' Mbijiwe awarding the 3rd place medal to @JoshuaOigara after the 3,000M Bank CEOs Marathon

KCB Bank Group  - August 25, 2016
"Age should never be a limiting factor when considering to start a business" @wandiagichuru #KCBLionsDen #AMLiveNTV

KCB Bank Group  - August 23, 2016
He just might give you cheats to exactly what it takes to get @ksenanu to invest in your business on #KCBLionsDen

KCB Bank Group  - August 5, 2016
We can’t wait to make merry with you and your cubs during our #KCBCubFunDay. Are you ready to come out and play?

KCB Bank Group  - August 2, 2016
Be the 100th person to purchase airtime via the #KCBApp on our mystery day this week and win a brand new Samsung S7!

KCB Bank Group  - July 29, 2016
Voice: Knock knock!
Us: Who’s there?
Voice: Sal…
Us: Salary?
Voice: No, Sal the tea lady -_-

KCB Bank Group  - July 23, 2016
The Legend is first off the ramp! Best of luck to Ian Duncan out there today in his EVOX #KCBVoiRally

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