Kenya Wildlife Service
Kenya Wildlife Service
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Kenya Wildlife Service  - December 15, 2017
All rivers flow downstream, but in the heart of the Aberdares National Park,there is a river that appears to defy logic..this river flows in the opposite direction. For this reason, It was named Karimu River, which means the foolish one. #DiscoverKWSParks

Kenya Wildlife Service  - November 8, 2017
For ease of identification and monitoring,a permanent ,unique mark is done on a rhino's ear. What do we call the process? #RhinoConservation

Kenya Wildlife Service  - November 4, 2017
What is the name given to a collection of baboons?

Kenya Wildlife Service  - September 24, 2016
Our Strategic Plan defines a revised overall goal of conserving atleast 750 black #rhinos by 2016,achieving at least 5% national growth rate

Kenya Wildlife Service  - August 31, 2016
Besides Game Viewing,Discover other adventure activities in our parks..Rock climbing,cycling #TransformingTourismKE

Kenya Wildlife Service  - August 23, 2016
"Scratch my back, I scratch yours."

What other caption can you come up with for this?

Kenya Wildlife Service  - May 28, 2016
Young Male Lion from Talek pride watching out for a meal as it drizzles. #KenyanWildlife

Kenya Wildlife Service  - May 27, 2016
Loading shortly is the #KWSTI 14th graduation ceremony. 220 trainees will graduate in various field #kwsti14gradg

Kenya Wildlife Service  - May 27, 2016
The objective of #KWSTI is to train & conduct research in natural resource management & hospitality services

Kenya Wildlife Service  - May 26, 2016
Join us as we showcase #Kenya's most delicious and beautiful cakes at the #CakeFestival2016 #BakersForum

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