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NSSF Uganda

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Plot 1 Pilkington Road,
Workers House, 14th Floor

P.O Box 7140, Kampala, Uganda
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Phone: +256 417 331755
Toll free: 0800 286 773
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NSSF Uganda  - November 3, 2018
Thinking about how much money youll have when you retire?
The #NSSFGoApp has a calculator that measures your salary growth rate and gives an estimate at your desired age. #NSSFEasyEasy https://t.co/50UuHy61jw

NSSF Uganda  - May 7, 2018
How does NSSF handle employers who don't remit or under declare contributions?

1. The Fund has constituted a fully-fledged section in Operations Department to reduce and manage defaulters. The standard procedure now... https://t.co/PG5LtNYalT

NSSF Uganda  - April 30, 2018
Ugandans are the worst savers in the region because they do not plan. To build wealth, you should save for the short term and midterm. Let your NSSF savings be for a long term which is retirement. https://t.co/7s2kZmaVxH

NSSF Uganda  - April 23, 2018
Dear members, what advice would you give if this was your friend?=

NSSF Uganda  - April 2, 2018
Are you saving under the voluntary membership plan?
Save your energy and time you would have wasted in the long queues and send your contributions using mobile money.

NSSF Uganda  - December 15, 2017
According to 27th Annual CEM Investment Bench marking survey we outperformed other pension funds of similar size across the globe in Net Total Return  the Funds return was 11.8%, which is above the global median return of 7.6%.

For more on the report https://t.co/Zb6UTZEAAs https://t.co/MnlxZMNVIk

NSSF Uganda  - August 26, 2016
In the spirit of Friday, it is not the weekend until...?

NSSF Uganda  - August 14, 2016
Not even @google can give you your #NSSF like the #NSSFGo App.

Get on the Play or Apple Store to see what we mean.

NSSF Uganda  - August 2, 2016
#nssfkavc16 rpbyaru :the Fund is committed to supporting development of volleyball sport in Ug

NSSF Uganda  - July 25, 2016
From 1st August 2016, our Bugolobi branch will be moving to a new location.
Here are more details;

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