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Preferred Job Location: Burundi
First Name Nsabimana
Last Name Steve
Nationality Burundian
Gender Male
Date of Birth 04/07/1978
Skills, Responsibilities etc.  Network Administrator

From November 2014 up to now
Key responsibilities:
 Installation, maintenance and extension of all the LAN and WAN of OBR
 Responsible for the performance, reliability and security of all computer networks, Internet and VoIP network;
 Ensure the safety of all WAN by isolating it from the Internet;
 Responsible for the operation of all network services: DHCP, VPN, etc;
 Maintain, manage and maintain all interconnection equipment and network security routers, Switch, Firewall, etc. ;
 Continuously monitor the abuse of the internet traffic and report on time on deficiencies found and fix it as soon as possible;
 Maintain, administer and maintain the Internet;
 Ensure the maintenance and ongoing operation of all network devices in redundant mode;
 Maintain and ensure the maintenance of all network transmission equipment (telecommunications network) fiber, ISDN lines, WiMAX adapters, FiberAir adapters, etc;
 Provide a daily monitoring and surveillance of the entire WAN to anticipate any unfortunate event on the network;
 Develop, implement and maintain redundancy between all segments of the WAN;
 Ensure periodic backup configurations of all intelligent network devices: routers, firewalls, switches manageable, etc;
 Regularly check that the network infrastructure (WAN and LAN) support properly functioning application software and databases;
 Keep carefully all licenses for the network equipment’s;
 Internet usage monitoring.

 Help desk support in Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR)/ Burundi Revenue Authority

From July 2011 up to November 2014
Key responsibilities:
 Provide technical assistance to users to resolve problems and simple operating systems and office automation problems.
 Find the quickest and best way for satisfying user requests.
 Support to final users (printing problems, connections problems, etc)
 Help user support assistants in big Microsoft Office applications and Internet Explorer issues.
 Support on any software used in OBR.
 Actively participate in the transfer of knowledge to users of computer equipment related to the support base of hardware and software supply.
 Correct problems about LAN and WAN.
 Conduct periodic maintenance of computer equipments at all sites of the OBR.
 Provide information about buying quality equipment
 Participate with attendance at all training programs offered and make a summary report showing clearly the added value of capacity.
 Provide project within the Service Support and suggest appropriate solutions.
 Remote repair.
 Install operating systems, Microsoft Office applications and other applications used in OBR.
 Select the appropriate staff to deliver support.
 Collect and log user calls requesting support.
 Deliver required trainings about Microsoft Office Applications.
 Installation, configuration and show agents how to use Outlook.
 Turn on servers in the OBR early morning.
 Repair computer and replace hardware.
 Troubleshoot IP Phones problems
 Installation of network

 IT Officer in World Relief Burundi (WRB)

From June 2007 up to April 2011, but I started as an IT Consultant in January 2007.
Key responsibilities:
 Managing the ICT needs for WRB.
 Installation, configuration and maintenance of all ICT equipments.
 Provide continuous and effective ICT solutions to WRB.
 Remain informed of current IT technologies and standards and provide direction and advice based on knowledge and understanding of current technologies.
 Sensitive country staff to changes and improvements in technologies.
 Data backup.
 Maintain IT inventory and update inventory list.
 Ensure additions of joiners and removal of leavers’ accounts to the client e-mail system based on directions from HQ (outlook)
 Check UPSs status and arrange replacements when necessary.

I worked with end users and make sure everything was fine; if there was any problem I solved it.

 IT Consultant in NOC (National Olympic Committee)

From March 2007 up to December 2010.
Key responsibilities:
 Ensure compliance in terms of data backup and storage
 Periodically check workstations, scanning hard disks ensuring virus protection.
 Give advices on equipment to buy.
 In case of any problem they call me and go there to solve it.
 Configure new hardware and installation of new software.

 IT Consultant in APRODEC ASBL (Association pour la Promotion du Développement Communautaire)

From June 2007 up to November 2010.
Key responsibilities:
 Be pro-active and troubleshoot all problems.
 Pass there at list two days per week to check the status of the computers
 Give advices on what to buy and where to buy it.
 Check the status of antivirus.
 Configure new hardware and installation of new software.
Employment Type Full Time
Type of Salary expected Fixed Salary
Highest Educational qualification Bachelors degree
Course name
Management Information Systems
Kampala International University
Marks / Grade / Class
Second class
Professional Experience
Language Skills
English Intermediate
French Expert
Swahili Expert
Additional Information I have over 9 years in IT and like to learn more and challenges in life.

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